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Change in the recruitment industry is long overdue.  Whilst the role of the CFO has changed drastically in the last decade, traditional recruitment agencies have not kept pace with developments and organisations struggle to find senior finance talent ready for the new demands of the modern finance world.


A mere 14% of businesses regard their recruitment process as highly effective and although 57% rely on recruitment agencies to find their finance leaders, our research uncovers serious gaps in the services that traditional agencies provide.  


As the founders of the Modern Finance Forum on LinkedIn, with over 58,000 senior finance members globally, we intimately understand the regulatory, accounting, technology and organisational challenges that are driving change in the modern finance function as well as the skills that will be required of future finance leaders.


In response, we are disrupting the market with a new style of search and recruitment agency rooted in three core principles, to deliver more significant value.


  1. Finance-led recruitment: Led by experienced finance leaders, our talent acquisition process ensures a deep understanding of your business and its unique challenges.

  2. Access to the largest community of CFOs in Europe: Utilizing our assignment leaders, not Artificial Intelligence to match candidates to positions, we connect you with the largest pool of CFOs and senior finance professionals in Europe. 

  3. Research backed: Leveraging our proprietary market research and contemporary knowledge from the FSN Modern Finance Forum we guide our clients through the ever-changing landscape of finance.


Being a niche agency rather than a recruitment 'factory,' we dedicate our time to ensure the closest possible fit to your requirements. It's time for a fresh approach to recruiting finance leaders—join a new era of talent acquisition with us.

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